The ICWEES’2018 will cover the following themes and sub-themes:

1. Water resources

  • Surface and groundwater mobilization
  • Non-conventional resources (desalined, treated wastewater, grey water, etc.)
  • Water use efficiency/productivity and irrigation methods
  • Water resources modelling
  • Extremes: drought, flooding, etc.
  • Climate change impacts on water resources
  • Desalination of water without energy
  • Isotope hydrology/hydrogeology

2. Environment

  • Global Environmental Change and Ecosystems Management
  • Environmental Restoration and Ecological Engineering
  • Monitoring and Analysis of Environmental Contaminant
  • Water resources pollution and remediation
  • Water and wind erosion
  • Land degradation and rehabilitation
  • Solid waste management

3. Energy

  • Hydro- Power applications
  • Solar and photovoltaic Technology and applications
  • Geothermal Applications
  • Wind Energy Application
  • Hybrid systems

 4. Societies and Development

  • Valuation of land degradation and water resources
  • Land degradation impacts on livelihood
  • Cost benefit analysis of remediation practices
  • Mainstreaming CC in planning strategies
  • Integrated participatory approaches for sustainable development

5. Geo-Information and Remote Sensing Technologies

  • Change detection of land degradation
  • Land Use/ land Cover mapping
  • Databases and information sharing
  • Telemetry
  • Geo-information based decision making systems
  • Heritage inventory and assessment